Should I get a coloured tattoo or black and white tattoo?

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When it comes to getting a tattoo, I think there are two types of people – those who know exactly what they want with no hesitation, and those that go into the tattoo shop with an idea, but look for some guidance from their tattoo artist.


When getting a tattoo there are lots of things to consider – tattoo artist, placement, artwork, size and colouring. Whilst these are all important decisions, the colour of your tattoo shouldn’t be overlooked.


For my first tattoo, despite it being a spur of the moment decision, I knew exactly where I wanted it, the size and the style – but I was a little unsure on the actual design and colouring.


I had always had in my mind that a simple black ink tattoo would suit me better – I wear a fair bit of black, grey and white – but looking at some coloured designs on Instagram, I found myself a little stuck.


So, if you are in the same position I was in, here are some tips to help you make your decision:


Tip #1 – Black ink generally costs and hurts less

Perhaps one of the biggest factors for you might be that black ink generally costs less and hurts less. Why? Because black ink is so strong on all skin tones it doesn’t require the same amount of shading and layers that coloured tattoos do. This is the same reason that means they take less time and therefore are generally cheaper.


Tip #2 – Express yourself

Tattoos are one of the ultimate forms of self-expression and creativity – and coloured ink is a perfect option if you are wanting a unique tattoo that truly reflects who you are.


There are so many more options available to you when you are getting a coloured tattoo, so you can choose a design that is truly something you love. But, that’s not to say that a black and white tattoo can’t be the perfect design if you want to express yourself – it all comes down to who you are as a person.


Tip #3 – Consider your skin tone

Your skin tone is another thing to consider when deciding whether to get a colour tattoo or a black one.


Black shows up strongly on all skin tones, so it’s a winner for anyone. The same generally goes for darker colours like dark greens and navy. But lighter colours like pastels and yellows can be tough to see on darker skin tones.


The basic rule is, the darker the skin, the darker the ink needs to be in order to be able to see it clearly. If you’re considering a coloured tattoo, your tattoo artist will be able to guide you on what colours will pop the most against your skin tone.


Tip #4 – Fading

Fading is something that happens to all tattoos – especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Colours tend to fade faster which can lead to your tattoo looking blurred. Not to worry though, this just means they may need more maintenance in the form of touch-ups as they fade.


Black ink tends to fade more slowly, so it’s not as much of an issue. Plus, faded black ink still maintains its contrast against you skin tone.


Tip #5 – Think of your tattoo like it’s an art piece

Perhaps the best tip – think of your tattoo like a piece of art for your body. If you were to have a painting of your tattoo design, would you want colour in it? Or would you want it to be black and white?