Before committing to a tattoo, think about these seven things

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12/12/2018 16:00 PM
Getting inked is a serious commitment – it pays to spend some time thinking carefully about what you want, where and how long before you ever submit yourself to the needle and a tattoo...

How Tattoo Machines Work

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11/09/2018 11:00 AM
If you’ve ever watched tattoo artists at work, you’ve probably wondered how that dentist drill-looking and sounding gadget actually works. Here’s the lowdown. That drill-like...

5 Important Tattoo Aftercare Tips

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08/08/2018 12:00 PM
5 Important Tattoo Aftercare Tips If you are thinking about getting a new tatto, or if you have recently been inked and got through the whole process unscathed, give yourself a pat on the back....