Get a tattoo when you're drunk they said... It'll be fun they said

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For the most part, people are incredibly concerned with their appearance. Makeup, fashion, fitness, piercings and tattoos are all ways of expressing yourself and allowing your image to stand out from the crowd. In some cases, they’re all a way of hiding something you may not  feel 100% confident about.

However, some of these choices are more permanent than others. So what happens if you decide to get that tattoo you have been thinking about for the last five months, but find you can only convince yourself to do it after you've had some liquid courage?  After all – no 'ragrets' right (We're The Millers, anyone?).

Here are the pros and cons of getting a tattoo, and what should you do if you're on the fence (aka, stay away from the booze). 

Let’s start with the negatives; it can only get better from here, right?

In this day and age, it seems that there is less concern around tattoos in a developed society. However, if you do decide to travel, you will need to think about the places you are going and their cultural values.

For example, in some cultures, tattoos are directly correlated with criminal activity. If your ink is visible, you may have trouble getting into specific places. Before you go, make sure you thoroughly research so you don't spend your entire holiday barred from where you want to explore.

It’s also important to think about getting a tattoo overseas in general. Some countries don’t have the same health standards as Australia, so it’s highly recommended that you do your research into credible places before jumping under the needle. If you avoid doing so, not only could you end up with permanent health issues, but you could also be stuck with a tattoo that’s very different from what you expected it to be.

Above all, remember that your own values and opinions will change over time. What you like now (as a drunk 18-year-old) may not be what you desire in another 10 years’ time. Don’t let your decisions come back to bite you when you are 30 and are applying for your ‘dream job’.

Stop being so negative… there are so many benefits

What a better way to express your individuality, than with body art. Every tattoo you put on your body has the ability to be 100% unique, so whether it’s something you have designed yourself or something that holds significant value, flaunting all this should be exciting.

In some cases, tattoos can even bring around a way to hide less-than-desirable scars that you may feel insecure about, or can pay tribute to a memory you treasure. Despite all of the ‘cons’, there’s still plenty of reasons that make getting inked an enjoyable, sentimental experience – you just have to approach it carefully and with a clear conscience.

Best of all, modern technology is certainly making it easier and cheaper to remove those “Get a tattoo when your drunk, it’ll be fun” instances. Laser tattoo removal is often the quickest and most efficient way to cover up something you may regret going under the needle for, and provides exceptional results. So if your interests do change over time, it’s not the end of the world

For some, the thought of getting a tattoo isn’t all that appealing, but once alcohol is thrown into the mix, things change. However, if you happen to be one of these people, or are just worried about having a change of heart in the future, there are plenty of ways you can remove or cover up tattoos, if the need arises. Besides all this, your art should be proudly displayed – so be confident that you’ve made the right decision, and stick by your sentimental values.