5 Important Tattoo Aftercare Tips

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5 Important Tattoo Aftercare Tips

If you are thinking about getting a new tatto, or if you have recently been inked and got through the whole process unscathed, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s certainly not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure. Here are some handy ‘after care’ tips you should keep in mind after leaving the tattoo studio to keep your artwork looking great for years to come.


  1. Cover up

Immediately after having your tattoo, your artist will most likely apply a bandage around the area. This needs to be kept on for at least 24 hours (sometimes a shorter time is needed depending on the size) as this will protect the skin from direct sunlight, absorb some of the excess bleeding and ink colour; the anaesthetic cream will keep the skin soft and prevent dryness and flaking.


  1. Wash gently

To keep the ink fresh and free from potential infection, it’s important to wash it gently with some antibacterial wash, spray or cream, over a period of one week. Do this a few times a day to help speed up the healing process making sure the tattoo is covered up at all times with either, cling wrap, pants or a long sleeve top. The less exposure to external elements, the quicker the healing will occur.


  1. Keep the area hydrated

A key after care tip is to keep the affected area dry with a light application of antibacterial cream. You may notice slight itching and dryness afterwards so best to keep reapplying a cream or spray to hasten the healing. The quicker it heals the sooner you get to show off your beautiful piece of art to the world.


  1. Let your skin breathe

It’s best not to wear super tight clothing or material rubbing too closely to the skin for at least a couple of weeks after your tattoo. Your skin is highly sensitive at this time so you want to do all you can to avoid unnecessary irritation – wearing loose garments is ideal. Keep checking on the progress of it to ensure it’s healing well. 


  1. Minimise exercise & stay out of the sun

One of the things you’ll have to give up is excessive exercise, but only for a short period of time. It’s not ideal working up a sweat while you have a wound that’s trying to heal on your body. Avoid things like swimming, a sauna, spa and soaking in a bathtub. A big no, no are hot showers. Keep it quick with lukewarm water only. Heat will only aggravate your tattoo, making it sore and red, prolonging the healing process. Too much direct sun exposure can also be detrimental to your artwork. Keep it protected at all times to avoid burning the area and help reduce over sensitivity. Always wear a 30+ sunscreen when outdoors.

Remember, you have just been cut with a very fine needle. Take care of your wound and be mindful not to scratch, scrape or pick at it otherwise you risk ruining your artwork. Excessive Art Tattooing recommends following these ‘after care tips’ for greater longevity of your tattoo masterpiece.  We have aftercare cream available for purchase in-store.